Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This is a quick view for you to learn more about Growth Mindset which is one of our School Improvement Goals.  The other SIP goal relates to our EL students and increasing their math mindset so that they can be increasingly successful in math.

As we begin our journey as a school community, we are focused on what is a Growth Mindset. One of the concepts that we have learned, is that we all are really a combination of both mindsets, we really want to become more focused on using the growth mindset model.

Dr. Carol Dweck is one of the key researchers and authors of the Growth Mindset model.  She writes that there are 5 areas that we respond to that we look at that we want to improve. Those 5 areas are: Challenges, Obstacles, Effort, Criticism and Success of Others as seen in above infographic.

We are working daily to stay to the right of this chart as we grow as a teaching staff, but also to have our students grow.  Making mistakes is ok, being persistent is huge and learning from others is essential.  We will be sending home a survey for you to complete next week about your perceptions of mindset.  Our teachers were given a similar survey at the beginning of the school year and your children will complete a survey after Labor Day.

Each month we will be focusing on a different topic. Next month, we will look at neuroplasticity- how we grow our brains!  We look forward to seeing how we can improve our mindset view with a focus on the growth mindset model.  We hope that you you will join us in our journey!

Here is an interesting video on YouTube re test taking and effort