Thursday, October 26, 2017

Parenting in the Past and Current Suggestions

Image result for parenting  I recently found this article and it caught my eye by the nature of the past ideas that they mention, and then of course, parenting today.

It reminded me of how I was raised, and how my husband and I have raised our two children. My parents let my sister and I solve our own problems, even though they of course shared their opinions about the issues! We would listen to their ideas and then determine our path. Still to this day, I will get opinions from my mom on how to solve a problem and then my make own decision! My husband and I agreed that was important for our two children to figure out how to solve their problems, unless they asked for help.  Then, we would offer ideas, but always let them determine their own path.  Sometimes we would agree and sometimes not, but it was for them to learn from their decisions.  Sometimes they would make a solid decision and others, not so much, but again, they learned from that experience. 

In my role as a principal, I see a variety of ways that parents do parent. My one piece of parenting advice to you all. Let your child make decisions every so often even our little kindergarteners, let them make mistakes and let them learn from the decisions that they make. If we constantly protect our children and monitor every move they make, as they grow older they won't have the opportunity to make decisions and/or those mistakes that help them to learn.

Trust that your children have learned from the values that you have instilled. Our role is to help them learn and grown in all areas, and they cannot do that if you are constantly giving directions.  If we can help them with problem solving and decision-making in elementary school, we hope that those life lessons will follow them through middle school, etc. as well.  Will we all make mistakes? Indeed. Is it frustrating and sometimes even painful? Absolutely.  My husband and I sure made mistakes as we raised our children. However, I will also share that while it wasn't always easy to at times watch them struggle over a decision that they made, we feel very lucky and proud of the adults that they have become

I hope that you will allow your children the time and space to make decisions and mistakes so that you can help guide them and help them learn from them.  Happy Parenting! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

- Safe Online Behavior

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During a recent conversation with a colleague at school, we were discussing how our students still seem to make poor choices sometimes when online gaming and social media.  While we consistently talk with the children about digital citizenship, it is something that we will hope you will partner around with us. Another acronym that we share with students is THINK. This stands for
T - Is it TRUE?
K- Is it KIND?

Every so often check to see what your children are doing while working or playing on the computer. Before they use social media or the internet, please remind them of THINK! Ask them who they are playing with if they are online gaming. Remind them the importance of never giving out any personal information ever!  The attached article gives brief tips for parents to use when talking with children about online usage.   Common Sense Media has information for a variety of issues that concern parents.

One thing that I like to share with the students is that written words hurt long after they are erased or deleted.  The written word or comment can be even more hurtful than something said verbally as it is often hard to read "tone" of a written comment and it is archived forever on social media- even when deleted.   I hope you continue to talk with your children as they grow and use more and more online content/social media.

Friday, October 13, 2017

October Worthy Wildcats

Congrats to our October Worthy Wildcats!  Worthy Wildcats are students selected by their peers each month. This month students were selected for going out of their way to be kind to all around them including making sure the classroom was organized, being a great friend, giving up a swing for a child that was waiting patiently and helping a sad friend.  Additionally, students were selected as they offered to play with a friend who had no one to play with at recess.  We are so proud of you Wildcats!  Keep up the good work!

Summer T. 

Isabella K. 

Ellie K. 

Zack K. 

Daisy E. 

Mee Tong R. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Safety First!

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Safety First!

 We had several drills during the last several days of school.  We had a hard lock down drill on Thursday and a fire evacuation drill on Friday.  We do these drills so that our students and staff can practice what to do in case of a true emergency. The students did a great job with both of our drills. While they do disrupt our days a bit, it is important and necessary that we practice our procedures. 
The Arlington Heights Police Department and the Arlington Heights Fire Department were present at both of our drills to ensure we did them the best we could!  We thank them for their ongoing partnership.

It is the end of Fire Prevention week- does your family have an evacuation plan in your home?  It is important that your children not only know what to do, but where to leave the house and where to go in case of an emergency. 

In the spring we will again practice these drills and add the shelter in place drill in case of things like a tornado. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Following the Wildcat Way and Demonstrating Leadership

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At the beginning of the school year we spoke to our students about the expectations we have at school. We expect a positive attitude and respectful behaviors throughout the building to keep us all Kinds, Always Safe and Responsible because We are Important.  I am so pleased to share that our students, your children, have been wonderful. We have had very few office referrals in the first 6 weeks of school. This makes all of us at Windsor so proud of our students as they are internalizing the Wildcat Way!  Additionally, we have so many students who want to be in leadership roles.  We have two groups, the Yellow and Blue, and we are thrilled with this response from our students. 
Our student leaders will begin their work together by helping the PTA promote Character Counts Week. We cannot wait to see what else they do throughout this school year! This picture is such a great representation of what leadership is at school and throughout our lives.

We hope that you are following us on Twitter so that you can see all the amazing things your children are learning and doing in school!  @WindsorWildcats