Thursday, June 8, 2017

#windsorviewss and Construction Updte

What is #windsorviewss @WindsorWildcats?  That is the hashtag that we hope Windsor staff will be using this summer to share adventures. Many of us are traveling- some to Africa, Amsterdam, Michigan, Alaska, Wisconsin and others may be having staycations here at home!  No matter what adventure you may be having we hope that you will use the #viewss. What does it mean?  Vacation is earned Windsor staff and students!  

We also hope that you will share your summer vacation adventures with us too, by using the same #windsorviewss @windsorwildcats.  Write a 140 character tweet or send a picture or video!  We hope that this will help us stay connected throughout our summer vacations!  

Construction Update:  Here is what has happened this week! 

Roofing underway on the classroom addition. 

Roofing underway on the classroom addition. 

Brick continues at classroom addition. 

Interior block walls in the classroom addition.

Next week starts a great deal of work both inside and out of the building! 

Complete brick at classroom and continue on gym addition

Storm Trap delivery and install

Begin window install at classroom addition 

Begin interior demo in existing school 
I will try to keep you updated at different points this summer through Twitter @windsorwildcats

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Confessions of a Principal and a Construction Update!

I must confess something- I LOVE MY JOB!  At the end of the year, when things are a bit more crazy than usual and the end of the year countdowns begin I always have so many mixed feelings. I wonder why the school energy just feels as if it is on super fast motion? There is more of a roar throughout the hallways as opposed to the usual humming sound.  There is an excitement for sure as students and staff think about summer plans, relaxing, reading for pleasure and sleeping in!  While I too am excited to get time to re-energize, I feel sad as another year ends and the children grow older and get ready to move up a grade. I think about the transitions that some students will make as they go on to the middle schools or move to a new state/country so that they will attend a new school for the 2017-18 school year. Transitions can be hard and I wish all of those students and their families much good luck!

I must confess- I think about how I will miss the sweet smiles of the children and those aha moments when they discover or create something new.  I think about how I will miss the students wanting to share with me that they lost a tooth or that their grandparents are in town. I think about how I won't get to hear how their dance or hockey practices went or who won the little league game.  I think about I how will miss telling students to tie their shoes! I think about how I will miss the unexpected hugs! The big things like hearing a child read an entire book for the first time is always so exciting for me and of course the students, and I think about how I won't hear that reading for a few months.

While the children are on vacation, I know I will miss those lunch dates I have with them where we relax and share stories of our families.  I will miss playing with them at recess,and I will miss my cadre of third graders who always, consistently ask me if I need help with anything! I will miss having honest conversations, while sometimes difficult, with students. I will miss having a student share a phrase with me in Spanish for me to learn it. I will miss talking with some of my instructional students while they use a communication device.

I must confess, that when that bell rings for the last time next Friday afternoon,  I won't miss having to give children consequences for poor choices for a while at least. I must confess, that  this is the part of my job that I don't ever really like. However, I do love, if truth be told, helping students solve problems and figuring out ways to work out issues with friends.

I must confess, I love the partnership with you, the parents, and those of you involved with the PTA. It is gratifying to feel that sense of trust with you.  While, for sure, at times I may make decisions that don't please everyone, I always make decisions that benefit the school as a whole with the best interests of the students as a guideline. Safety will aways be my number one priority.  I must confess that I love when parents call me with a question or concern. My job is to try to help you understand something that you may not, and to give you an answer so that you don't have to wonder about something that maybe weighing on your mind.

I must confess, I so enjoy working with the Windsor teachers and staff.  They are truly the most dedicated group of professionals I have ever worked with in a school. They work so hard to make school engaging for your children.  They consistently have a desire to learn about new pedagogy- ways to teach- and consistently will take risks to try something new. I love that! I love that they are collaborative and truly care about each other too! It's fantastic to be part of this educational team! I learn so much from all my colleagues at Windsor.

I must confess, that I don't like to make mistakes.  It is true.  While I tell students it is ok to make mistakes for that is how we learn, and I tell staff that it is ok to make mistakes as that is how we grow, I truly reflect over and over about why I made an error. I always learn from a mistake and try not to make the same one twice, nonetheless it is still hard for me! I strive for perfection!

So, these are the confessions from a principal at the end of an exciting year!  One of my favorite things is the construction! I have learned so much from it and cannot wait to enter the building at the beginning of August to take that first walk into the new gym, the small group spaces and the classrooms.  I look forward to working with a group of interested parents to finalize our drop and go plans for the new school year!

I must confess that I feel so lucky to work in a school district that values innovation, critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication, the use of technology and that we have many resources.  I am so lucky to work with an amazing administrative/central office team that supports the work that I do!

I have truly enjoyed working with your children this school year. I have learned so much from them each day, too! Thanks so very much for sharing them with me each day!  It is an honor to work with all of you and to watch your children make great gains academically, socially, emotionally and physically!  Enjoy the summer! To be honest- I will too,! But come the beginning of August, I will begin to get excited for the new energy the new school year brings and the joy I feel when I see the teachers and students once again!  I look forward to the sound of the school humming once more!

Here is the Construction work of the week:

Brick continues around classroom addition 

Electrical rough in continues in gym addition
Plumbing rough in continues at gym / classroom additions