Thursday, May 25, 2017

Construction Update 5/25/2017

Check out the construction from this past week!  Awesome progress! 
Brick on the Classroom Addition Walls

Interior block walls at Gym addition 

Pouring concrete slab for Storm Trap 

Continuing brick on gym addition

What Will Teachers Be Doing on Friday, May 26th?


The end of the school year brings much excitement as well as much planning.  Students and staff alike are excited for warm weather and time off.  However, before we go and enjoy the rest and relaxation of summer we must plan and prepare for the next school year.  On Friday May 26th, while the students are home, the staff will be working hard planning for the 2017-2018 school year.  All staff will continue working on understanding the new math curriculum, Math in Focus, collaborating and planning with their grade level colleagues.  Staff will also collaborate throughout the day on class placement for next school year taking into account what is best for each student. Please refer to the March 17th blog entry for more information about the many factors taken into account when we look to place our students.  Additionally, we will be  looking at student data from this spring to celebrate student growth and determine needs for our students.  There will be many rich discussions and lots of hard work.  We hope you all enjoy your long weekend. Have a great Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The School Year Is Winding Down.....

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WOW- it is so hard to believe that we are heading into the last few weeks of school. Our teachers are doing an amazing job of keeping our children engaged for the last 13 days of school.  Students are creating great projects in all grade levels. We hope that you are following all of the great things on our Twitter We continue to promote the Wildcat Way and ask that students Be Kind, Be Safe and Be Responsible because You Are Important! With the warm weather, our students need those extra reminders that we are still in school and need to follow our expectations.  Please help us by reminding your students, too. We appreciate it very much!  

Teachers are beginning to pack up their classrooms and materials for moves into new classrooms in the new addition, as well as some new locations. We are so excited about our construction.  Here are a few pictures of things that happened this week. 
Stone base at bottom of Storm Trap detention area

Started roof steel at classroom addition 

Started roof decking at area A gym

Poured 2nd floor mechanical room slab 

Mechanical room slab

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summer is coming......

Summer is coming...
The warm weather seems to finally be setting in (knock on wood!) and the school days are zipping by.  It’s hard to believe it is already mid-May!  With the warm weather, it’s time to get the kids outside and playing.  Arlington Heights has some of the best parks in the suburbs, they are everywhere!  It is so important that we keep our children as active as possible, not just with their minds but with their bodies.

According to the North Carolina Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center, physical activity promotes early brain development and learning in infants and young children. It also decreases the risk of developing health conditions like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, obesity and many other chronic health conditions.

While we know that technology is extremely important, we also know how important physical activity is for our children. We encourage you to take advantage of those extra minutes of sunlight each day as well as the warmer weather and get out and move.  Our children will benefit in so many ways, from health to school to happiness.  Enjoy the weather!!!

May Worthy Wildcats!

So very delighted to announce our May Worthy Wildcats!
Students were selected by the peers for making safe choices and talking responsibility for materials, being kind to peers, help a peer with a project, helping a friend by pushing his wheelchair, helping a friend work out a problem and helping a peer with technology.  Congrats to Kindergarten friend, EmilyW. :first grader Paul N.;second grader, Morgan W.;third grader, Kieran F.;fourth grader, Hayden D. and Sawyer S. fifth grader.
Emily W. 

Hayden D. 

Kieran F. 

Morgan W. 

Paul N.

Sawyer S. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

How Do You Act When No One is Watching?

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I recently read an article about a family that sat behind a professional football player on an airplane.
The player is Mohamed Sanu and he plays for the Atlanta Falcons. The mother handed him a letter as they deplaned and told him to read the letter later. The letter stated that he was an inspiration to her son and the whole family. She went on to share that they saw that he was studying his play book the entire plane ride and ate healthy snacks.

I was struck by the article for many reasons. First off, how nice for Mr. Sanu to receive such nice positive feedback when he least expected it.  Wasn't it wonderful that the family took the time to demonstrate a random act of kindness by writing him that letter? What really struck me however, was the lesson that he gave the child without knowing it. He demonstrated the importance of studying, hard work and eating well. The mother shared that he truly had become an inspiration for the whole family.

One of my mantras is that children watch everything that we do and they hear everything we say, even when we don't know it. This is just another reminder for all of us. Let's continue to model kind and respectful behavior so that our children can emulate it- especially when we don't know that they are watching!