Friday, April 28, 2017

The Month of May

As we said last week, April showers bring May flowers and boy did we have the showers in April!  We are looking forward to the flowers blooming, just as much as we are looking forward to our students continuing to bloom as they have all school year.  May can be a difficult month for our students, as it is so close to the end of the school year and the excitement of summer is just around the corner.  We ask you as parents to partner with us this month in keeping your children focused on school and hard work.  This month is just as important as every other month of the school year and we want our students to continue to work hard and stay focused and of course continue to follow the Wildcat Way of being kind, being respectful and being responsible! Often we do so appropriate behavior decline, so we will continue to reinforce our expectations. We hope you will partner with us to remind your students about the Wildcat Way and following school rules.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Disabilities Awareness Month

As we move through the month of April, we continue to recognize ALL of our students with disabilities.  While we know that April is Autism awareness, we recognize that at Windsor we have more than just students with Autism and our students have been given the opportunity to listen to stories on Monday’s during announcement about all different types of disabilities.  We have students with down syndrome, rare genetics disorders, and cognitive disabilities, but what is even more special about Windsor Elementary is that it is not the ability or disability that defines our students but it is the character of our students that is recognized.  Our students regardless of who they are follow the Wildcat Way; they are kind, they are safe and they are responsible.   April has been a wonderful month to increase students awareness of different disabilities, but it has also been a time for reflection; because we have seen that our students are already so aware and have so much knowledge of those around them.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Showers Bring.....

What a rainy month, April has been. With all the rain, we have had more indoor recesses and of course, it halts our construction. That being said, however, with rain comes wonderful things. We see so much growth at this time of the year in and out of school. Our flowers have bloomed outside and in the courtyard. The trees all around our campus our starting to blossom, too. Our students continue to grow in all areas of school. We also notice how tall so many of our students have gotten since winter break!  Our teachers continue to grow in many ways. Soon they will have professional development for our new math program: Math in Focus, so they will be out of the school on three different days.  We are looking at our students in interventions to see how much growth they have made since January.  So, yes, while it has rained often and it is disappointing, we have seen so much growth here at Windsor. As those sunny days make us happy, this growth make us extremely happy, too!

Friday, April 7, 2017

April Worthy Wildcats

We are so delighted to announce these Worthy Wildcats for the month of April. They have been following the Wildcat Way and been a big part of our Kindness Campaign!
Congrats to Kindergartener, Jack R. who is always encouraging others to get along, Weronika T. in First Grade is always willing to help out her friends. In second grade, Giuseppe S. helped a friend who was crying, and third grader Ruben P. moved over on a bench so another student could sit near his friends. Finally Ella C. in 4th grade was seen and Marcial Medrano always has a smile on his face and a great attitude as he helps others often!

We are so proud of our all Wildcats as they Practice the Wildcat Way of being Kind, Safe and Responsible Because YOU are IMPORTANT!

Ruben P. 

Marcial M.

Ella C. 

Weronika T. 

Guiseppe S. 
Jack R. 

Disability Awareness Campaign 2017

April is Autism Awareness Month...

On Monday April 3rd, Windsor School kicked off our Disability Awareness campaign.  Although, April is Autism Awareness month, Windsor school services students with many different types of disabilities and we want to recognize all students.  This year our campaign is titled Disability Awareness.  Every Monday in the month of April, students will listen to a children’s book about disabilities read by one of our staff members.  Students will also be encouraged to write down questions they have about disabilities, hand them into their teachers and listen to morning announcements at the end of the week to hear their questions get answered.  Students will also be receiving a Paw Pride, Disability Awareness pencil that our Communications students counted and bundled up for each classroom in our building.  Every Wednesday in April we encourage staff and students to wear blue to acknowledge our disability awareness campaign.  We are so lucky to work in a school is that celebratory and inclusive of all of our students with special needs.