Friday, January 27, 2017

Global Play Day 2017

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On Wednesday February 1st, classrooms at Windsor will be participating in Global School Play Day!  Countries and schools from all over the world come together on this one day to celebrate the necessity of unstructured play in our students’ lives at school.  Research shows that unstructured play has a positive influence on:

  • physical and mental health
  • language development
  • problem solving
  • risk management
  • independent learning skills
  • academic skills
  • classroom behavior
  • healthy emotional attitudes
  • better adjustment to school life

On this day some of the teachers may be asking students to bring in toys/games, no electronics please, to play.  Check your teacher’s newsletter for more information.
Teachers will also be checking out toys from our Maker Space, some of the exciting games are; Legos, K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, and Strawbees.

For further information about Global School Play Day, check out:

Friday, January 20, 2017

January Worthy Wildcats/Wildcat GO

Congrats to the following students for demonstrating the Wildcat Way in a variety of ways. Each of the students was recognized by their peers.  This month students were seen making sure all of our friends are included, consistently being polite and caring, giving up a personal choice to make another happy, standing up for a friend, helping a peer carry all their belongings up the stairs, and helping with translation! Well done to Emilia W. in Kindergarten, Allison K. in first grade, second grader, Frannie O'G., third grader Brynn H., fourth grader, Cameron Rose H. and finally fifth grader Cameron A.


Cameron Rose 




Wildcat GO- Every few months, our Windsor school-wide staff Behavior Committee develops a "booster" to remind the students about the Wildcat Way expectations. The summer craze of "Pokemon Go" had us all thinking about how could we do a Windsor GO- to have our students have some fun while thinking about our Wildcat Way expectations! This month our students walked around the school to find the Wildcat GO "pokemon".  Fifth grade students developed their own characters and hung them in various places where we have Wildcat Way Expectations. For example the hallways, outside the bathrooms, lunchroom. When the students discovered the Windsor "pokemon", they clicked on the QR code with an iPad.  Our student council had recorded the expectations and the students were delighted that they found one!  It was a creative and clever way to have our students be reminded about our expectations.  Some of the Windsor "pokemon" can be seen below. We are delighted that our students know that it is so important to be Kind, Safe and Responsible as We are Important!  Our committee is now working on a February project about kindness.  Watch this space.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Blues Got You Down?

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Winter blues got you down?   

Winter can be a hard season for so many reasons.  The excitement of the holidays and winter break are over. It is cold, dark and dreary most days.  It is hard to get the motivation to go outside when it is so cold.  Not only do we struggle as adults, but our children do as well.  There are many assessments scheduled during the winter months, which require children to sit for longer periods of time than normal.  When the weather is harsh outside, the children have to stay inside for recess.  Physical activity is so important for us all, but especially important for the children. There is a multitude of research that describes the physical and emotional benefits of fresh air and exercise.

Unfortunately, it seems we have been indoors, more often than not for recess at school. We try to have physical activities for the children, but as we all know, we are currently limited with our space.  We are hoping the weather will be better next week, but just in case, here are some ideas on how to beat the winter blues.

Our park districts can be such good resources for us during this time of the year.  They offer many different types of programming for children, even on days off from school.  The library has many activities available to the community for free.  There are ice rinks and sled hills in our local parks when weather permits.

Could one of our goals as parents be to get out and move with our children? It may be as simple as taking a long walk!  It would be great for all of us! The good news is the days ARE getting longer!

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