Friday, June 3, 2016

It Is Always Bittersweet!

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The end of the year is always bittersweet for us. We so enjoy our work as administrators for Windsor School. We love seeing the students engaged in their learning and the staff working hard each day to make sure that their instruction is all it can be for our students to learn and be successful. It is so wonderful to see our students make so much growth in all areas of school. While everyone is excited about summer and all the adventures that are planned, we feel sad that we won't see those adorable and smiling Wildcat student faces each day.

We hope that you enjoy your time off of school for our summer vacation. Where ever your travels take you, have fun, relax and be in the moment!  It is always a great idea to have your children journal about their experiences each day.  We hope that as your children read over the summer, and find joy in a good book as well. We can't wait to hear about all the books that the children read over the summer.  The more, the better!

Next Tuesday is our annual service learning and fun morning. We look forward to all those activities and the help of our 5th graders who will be giving of their time to work with all the Windsor students!

Ms. Hiltz and Mrs. Fabrizio will be off the month of July- spending time with our families and catching up on all the reading we have not been able to get to do.  We look forward to getting re-energized as we return the first week of August.  A reminder that school starts on Monday, August 29th.

Have a wonderful summer vacation!   We look forward to catching up in August!