Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Becoming a Grandmother.....

I hope you won't mind if I take a moment of personal privilege for this post of the Windsor Happenings Blog. On Sunday, my husband and I got the call that our daughter was in labor. Funny enough, because it was her due date. I could not believe it- I don't know anyone who has given birth on the due date.

We were on the phone much of the day and then her husband called to tell me that they were off to the hospital as she was in so much pain. Sure enough, the hospital kept her and with that news, my husband and I packed up the car and left.  She and her husband live in Indiana- in a beautiful suburban area about 3 hours from here when there are no traffic and no weather issues.

Of course, rainy it was on Sunday, but the traffic was not too bad. We had resigned ourselves that we might not be there when she delivered the baby, but at this point felt like we could make it in time. We went right to the hospital where was doing quite well.  After a nice visit, it was time......

My husband and I left her room at 10:00PM and waited... and waited and waited... four and a half hours later... the nurse came in to share that she needed a C-section. So, while we were a bit worried of course, we trusted the physicians and nurses.  At 4:00AM we were told by our son-in-law that his beautiful baby boy, Matthew Logan had been born at 3:25am.

We visited with all of them about 4:15AM and then went back to her house to sleep- or pretend to sleep.  It was an exhausting day for all- certainly for she and her husband and even little Matthew, but for us as well.  But, through all that exhaustion, was the the largest most enormous feeling of elation and euphoria I have ever felt!

You all know that feeling of having your children- the excitement, the amazing moment when the baby comes into the world, the joy. However, to see you own child being a parent is a proud moment. To hear her say aloud, my son, is when you let that smile come onto your face. To see how much of a true parenting partner her husband is with the baby makes you feel so good! A moment when you know that all the love, feedback, advice and support has paid off.

So, with this being said, this is why I am out all week. It is an important week to miss- music & art demonstration, family coding night, Windsor as a polling place, and parent teacher conferences. However, for me, this week is one of the most important weeks in my life and I hope that you agree, understand and excuse my absences. While I do so care for and about all your children each and every day, and truly enjoy each and every one of them, this is one week, that I need to be with my own! One day in the future, you too will feel the delight and happiness that the day of becoming a grandparent has to offer. Those staff members at Windsor who are grandparents had shared with me that there is no feeling like being a grandparent. They were so right! Thanks for letting me share my story with you all and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Have a great Spring Break!

Friday, March 11, 2016

April is Autism Awareness Month and Congrats to the March Worthy Wildcats!

ribbon-largeDid you know that April is Autism Awareness Month? Statistics show that autism prevalence is now in one of every 68 children in America. We are delighted to be celebrating Autism Awareness month at school all during April. We are so happy to have an inclusive environment here at Windsor School. We love to celebrate the diversity we have and truly believe that all our children grow in so many ways as we all work and play alongside our friends who learn in many different ways.

This month we will "Light It Up Blue" as we promote Autism Awareness Month by wearing our Autism Awareness tee shirts, having blue themed food (for the staff), sharing facts about autism each morning on Windsor TV morning announcements, and having a question board for students to ask questions. We have plans to put puzzle pieces together as a school community so we can all fit together as one!

We loved this video of this young man working as a barista at a well known coffee establishment. There is also the story of the grocery store bakery employee who decorated a birthday cake. Our friends with autism have so many gifts and talents. We are proud of each and every one of them every day!

Congratulations to the March Worthy Wildcats!  Students were selected for helping to keep her classroom clean, looking out for their friends, finding a classroom ball that blew away and bringing it back to school, organizing the boots in the hallway, giving up a chair so someone else could sit down, and cleaning up a spill in the hallway.  We are delighted that our Kindness Campaign has taken off and that we continue to see Random Acts of Kindness at Windsor each and every day!  This month's Worthy Wildcats are Kindergartener: Patryca S., First Grader: Ashlyn P., Second Grader: Benjy C., Third Grader: Dylan S., Fourth Grader: Ella Marie B., and Fifth Grader: Kathlin L.  Well Done Wildcats!

Ashlyn P. 

Patrycja S. 

Benjy C. 

Dylan S. 

Ella Marie B. 

Kathlin L. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Preparing for Progress Reports & Conferences

On Friday, March 11th, students will bring home progress reports and, if applicable, IEP benchmark updates. The end of the second trimester marks the completion of 2/3 of the year. Time flies! As we prepare for these updates of your child's progress, we like to share ideas with parents on how to engage with children about their growth and with teachers during conferences.

We truly look at parent-teacher conferences as an opportunity to continue to build the partnership that ultimately benefits the student. Please come to your conference with questions, concerns, and ideas. Ask your child what he or she thinks the teacher might say. Ask him or her if there are any specific questions you should ask the teacher, or projects to highlight. Below is a quick checklist to help prepare for conferences. This link also provides a guide for parents on preparing for conferences.

Our goal, as administrators and teachers, is that nothing on progress reports, or shared at conferences, is a surprise to a parent. We hope that you've been informed throughout the trimester by teachers and by your own student. Therefore, the time you have at conferences should be a time to discuss concerns, ask for help, and hear more about your child's strengths. That said, please be respectful of the time, although brief, dedicated to your conference. Most likely, there will be another family waiting outside for their turn!

We're glad the weather has cooperated so fun and allowed us the planned two days of conferences this year. We look forward to welcoming our parents into the building to hear about the great things our students are learning!