Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8th, 2015

What a very, very busy morning we had here at school. We began with an assembly and had "live" morning announcements. We dedicated our new Little Free Library and it is already filled with books!  Please enjoy them over the summer. Take one, add one, etc. It is a great way to read and not purchase books!  We watched a field day video and the entire staff sang a song to the students to the tune of Ho, Hey by the Lumineers. Here are the words:

(Ho!) You’ve been workin’ hard in school
(Hey!) Now it’s time to hit the pool
(Ho!) But before you leave for break
(Hey!) Here’s a message you should take
(Ho!) a message you will take
(Count….X 8)
(Ho!) So Wildcat family
(Hey!) Enjoy your summer fun
(Ho!) But you must take time to read
(Hey!) It’s important for your brain
(Ho!) You can keep it trained

1, 2, 3
I’m just gonna read, I promise I will read on summer break,
Many, many books, all different types of books, on summer BREAK!
(Ho!) Summer reading’s lots of fun
(Hey!) Cause the days are warm and long
(Ho!) Reading helps us to relax
(Hey!) And will keep us focused   
(Ho!) And prepared for school
(count X4)
(Ho!) I’ll be so prepared for school

I’m just gonna read, I promise I will read, on summer break,
Many, many books, all different types of books, on summer break

Hey, I’m reading now
It’s sooo so fun!
So, we’re reading now
Many, many books all different types of books, on summer break
Many, many books, all different types of books, on summer BREAK!

It was a lot of fun for all of us! We ended the morning by doing a mix of service type projects and fun activities. Students used sidewalk chalk to decorate the blacktop and sidewalks by our doors and we had a dance party in the gym. They wrote thank you notes to our AH Firefighters and Police Department. Students also made placements for residents of the Luther Home and wrote notes about school to students that we will give out next year! Finally, Students played FreeRice and donated about 200,000 grains of rice. They also donated 300 books by doing visiting and reading on the We Give Books site. The students really enjoyed the vocabulary game and reading the books. Check out the websites when you have time. Each student worked with a partner or several partners and they were very collaborative with each other. It was wonderful to see the fifth graders helping to lead the groups. We thank them for giving back to the community of learners here at Windsor School.

Have a great summer. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Ms. Hiltz and I so appreciate all that the parents do for all of us at Windsor School. We are so very proud to be the administrators of Windsor and look forward to starting our 5th year here in August.

Placements for our friends at Luther Village

Notes to our friends for next year!

Thanks for our police and firefighters!
Dance Party

Making cards

Participating in the Free Rice Game

More dance party

Chalking the sidewalk!

Friday, June 5, 2015

How Can It Be the End of the Year?

Wow! Another year has come and gone! It seems that each year goes faster and faster! We have had a wonderful week with a great deal of fun! We had a juggler focus on literacy from the Cultural Arts PTA Committee, Fifth graders had the traditional breakfast sponsored from the PTA, Grades 3-5 spent Thursday at Recreation Park and had a really wonderful time while our K-2 classes had Fun in the Sun here at school. Yearbooks will be passed out this afternoon. Thanks to ALL of the PTA Volunteers who helped this year with our Drop and Go in the morning. You ALL made it easy for our parents to safely drop off their children in the morning and keep the line of cars moving! Monday will be the last BLOG post of the year. We will be having an assembly in the morning and the students will be participating in service activities. We look forward to celebrating the last day of school on Monday with all of our students.