Friday, May 29, 2015

FIELD DAY 2015 & World of Work

It was a terrific FIELD DAY!  Thanks to Mr. Gember for being so organized, the day was well run! Special thanks to the staff and all the parents who helped to run all the activities including the ever important water station. While it did drizzle a bit, it did not rain on our parade. Of course, the day ended with a popsicle treat. Who doesn't love that?  
 Our fifth graders had a blast "working" in the community this week. Our PTA organized the World of Work and the students were at a variety of businesses and village agencies for two hours in the morning. Be sure to use twitter @windsorwildcats to look at other pictures from the morning. Pictures say a 1000 words!
It is hard to believe that we only have 6 days of school left. It has been a wonderful wildcats year!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What a Week! May Worthy Wildcats!

Whewsh- It is Memorial Day Weekend! What a great week it has been! Starting with the 5th grade Chorus show and then heading into a long weekend! The Chorus show featured students singing, dancing and playing the buckets. In addition, we had our very own very talented evening custodian featured playing along with some Michael Jackson tunes. It was so fun. We continue to be very busy here at school. Tomorrow, while students do NOT have school, teachers will be in a School Improvement Day learning about our new Literacy Program Schoolwide Fundamentals. We are really excited to begin reading workshop using a balanced literacy approach for the 15-16 school year.

We have 10 days of school left and this is just hard to believe. It feels as is April and May just flew by! I found this on Twitter and hope that we are all held hostage by books this summer!
Finally, Congratulations to the May Worthy Wildcats. These students were selected for being kind to others, helping others who fell on the playground before school, working very hard and being role models to all at Windsor.  Congrats to Keylen B-A. (Picture will be uploaded next week),Josie B., Isabella S., Justin B., Julia B. and Danielle M. You all have outstanding character!
Isabella S. 

Josie B. 

Julia B. 

Justin B. 
Dannie M. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fit Workstation Follow Up

As we have shared before, this year we have been piloting the use of a variety of fitness related equipment in the classrooms to see if children are better able to focus and learn more effectively while moving their bodies. We tested out ErgoErgo chairs in Kindergarten, 1st grade and some 2nd grades as well as in some of our instructional programs and literacy room. Our 3rd and 4th graders, some 2nd grades and some instructional programs tested out Deskcycles. Finally, our 5th graders tried out FitDesk Bikes and an elliptical desk.

Mrs. Fabrizio and Ms. Hiltz have collected feedback from each class and teacher regarding their use of the equipment. So far, the results have been extremely positive, leading us to consider future investments in these types of equipment for the classroom. Below is some data from students and some interesting quotes about the benefits of these devices!

ErgoErgo Chairs:
-98% (149/152 students) liked sitting on the chairs
-"They made me more calm in writing...could get some energy out."
-"They gave us the chance to exercise our core and legs."
-"I liked that they were colorful!"
-"They were cozy and bouncy and wobbly and they comforted me and helped me do my work."
-"They helped me to focus and balance and allowed me to fidget!"

-86% (114/123 students) liked using the DeskCycles
-"They're more fun than bikes at home because they're different."
-"They let you move around without getting out of your seat."
-"You still got to exercise while you were reading your book."
-"You could set the tension and it wasn't always at one speed."
-"Good for the winter when you can't exercise as much."
-"They helped me learn more because I got my energy out and I wasn't moving around in my desk."

-89% (42/47 students) liked using the FitDesks
-80% (39/47 students) liked using the Elliptical Desk
-"You got to be active during class without having to get out of your seat and disrupt class."
-"I love biking so it was very fun for me."
-"I liked that you can adjust the pedaling speed to your level and that you can work on it and not like mess up your hand writing."-"I liked the fit desks because they were fun to use well working, It was also cool because it tracked your burned calories. I thought using it helped me complete work faster and easier."-"It made school work fun."-"I liked the Elliptical Fitdesk the most, I liked running on it while I was doing my work."-"I like the Elliptical FitDesk because you can stand up and move well working."-"I liked being able to "run" on the fit desk and having fun while not having to sit and not be active during class time."

Friday, May 8, 2015

TV, ABC/25 Windsor Drawing, Open House, Teacher Appreciation Week and So Much More!

WOW. This was a fun-filled, educational and extraordinarily busy week!
Of course, there is still so much teaching and learning going on in each of our classrooms!  We had our OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday and it was well attended! It was so great to see some of our former students, of course our current students and the future students of Windsor School!

This morning, we announced the winners of the ABC/25 Windsor School Drawing! If you child won they will receive a note indicating what they won or they may come home from school with a basket today! If they will eat lunch here or other type items, the staff will let you know when the event will take place between now and the end of the year!

Of course, having Bill Bellis, meteorologist from FoxNews Chicago and Dr. Amy Brodsky, Dermatologist was the highlight of the week as Windsor was featured on the evening news!

Our annual Kindergarten Clay and Sing Day was this morning. If there was a dry eye in the house, it would be amazing. The children performed beautifully and everyone had fun making clay pots to put flowers in!  Thanks to everyone who came to see this today!

Finally, a very heartfelt thanks to our PTA and Windsor Families who went above and beyond celebrating our teachers/staff for Teacher's Appreciation Week.  It was amazing and we truly appreciate all that your did for us-the decorating of the lounge, wearing teacher's favorite colors, giving us candy, those lunchtime massages, stocking the fridge, and of course, all the delicious treats all week long!  It was really, really wonderful.

Earth Day Celebrations!

Wednesday, April 22nd was Earth Day and Windsor students and staff participated in some pretty creative celebrations! Here are just a few of the examples of the work students collaborated on to celebrate our earth.

Mrs. Clark's 3rd graders combined their celebration of National Poetry Month and Earth Day to develop the following poems.

Ms. Pinski's 5th grade class, under the direction of Ms. Eisenhuth, Ms. Pinski's student teacher, researched the effects of various kinds of pollution and will be presenting ideas for how individual kids can make a difference.

Mrs. Berg's 4th graders read different articles about the environment and wrote down "big ideas."  Then students shared their ideas with one another. Then students will come up with a way to make their carbon footprint smaller which will be displayed on footprints in our hallway.


Ms. Pustai's 1st graders brainstormed ways to take care of Earth and illustrated them!

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Month of May

We cannot believe it is May. So much learning has already taken place and yet, we have so much left to teach to our children before June 8th. May brings so many things. We have our OPEN HOUSE next Wednesday, May 6th from 6:30-7:45PM. This is a chance to see and experience the Windsor School community. We are really looking forward to this evening!

The fifth graders will have their last band concern Tuesday, May 5th at South Middle School and our fifth graders going to South MS and their parents will have an orientation on Thursday, May 7th. Our fifth grader chorus will also perform this month. We always look forward to the chorus show & the new dance club will be joining them this year--they have been rehearsing all year long!

We have events at both ends of the school. Kindergarteners Clay Day will be on Friday, May 8th and the children cannot wait to sing their songs and have their parents in attendance!  Bring a kleenex! Trust us on this one!

We announce the ABC/25 Windsor Drawing winners on Thursday.  We hope the children will enjoy the time they spend with the staff and the other items on the drawing form.  We hope you will participate in this annual fun event.

May also brings the end of PARCC End of Year tests (next week) and the School Improvement Day on May 22nd where staff will begin professional development learning about the new literacy curriculum, Schoolwide. We are excited about this curriculum and several Windsor staff members piloted the materials this year. You will certainly hear more about the curriculum this fall. The curriculum uses a balanced literacy approach with a focus on reader's workshop.

We will celebrate the PTA with their recognition event and we thank and appreciate all of our PTA members who have given so much of their time and energy to support Windsor students and staff. We are so grateful for our wonderful partnership that grows each year. All grade level activity nights and movie nights are over for the year. It is hard to believe with all the planning that takes place, that we are winding down while we plan for next year!

Finally, we want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of our teachers and staff. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our teachers build the climate that helps our children learn, be collaborative with each other, feel safe and continue to be curious about so many things. We have a wonderfully collaborative staff who love to learn and grow together, as well. We could not be prouder to be the administrators of Windsor School.

Please make sure that you keep up with all of our spring events via the PTA calendar.  We are planning an exciting and fun last day of school with service learning as we have done the last several years. More information to come on that!