Thursday, February 15, 2018


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The week of February 19th our focus will to BE INSPIRING! The definition of inspire is to: have the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Your children often inspire us by the words that they say, they ideas that they have, the way the solve problems and questioning things we do.  They inspire us to be better teachers/learners, listeners and leaders.  We hope we inspire them to be better learners/teachers, listeners and leaders!  

When we asked the students what it meant to feel or act inspired, or what inspires them they shared:  
They feel inspired when the read or do science
They feel inspired playing video games as it makes them problem solve
Reading inspires them to think about many new places or events. 
One student shared the her friends inspire her to work hard!  

Great things to be inspired by for sure! 

We hope you will do our home link which will go home on Tuesday and work with your children on what it feels to BE INSPIRED!  

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Be Caring and the February Worthy Wildcats!

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The week beginning February 12th, our school-wide focus is to BE CARING. The dictionary defines caring as displaying kindness or concern for others.  While we encourage our students to be caring to others all the time, this coming week will have an extra emphasis on the concept!

When we asked our students what it meant to be caring they replied:
to help someone if they fall
if someone asks for help, you help them
if someone is in the hospital, you send them a balloon 
to be kind, nice, sweet, responsible
helpful, if a friend is sad you help them

It is great to see how often our students and staff care for each other.  Our annual Kindness Campaign will be starting soon, so watch for more information!  The Be Caring Home Link will be sent out on Monday.  

These students were selected for being helpful in putting the IPADs away safely into the IPAD cart, helpful and responsible in the classroom, going above and beyond and making sure to let her peers know that they are important, stopping a game that they were playing to play with another peer who was alone, loaning gloves to another who did not have any and listening to a friend who was upset and sharing comforting an reassuring words.  WOW.. what Caring Wildcats we have here at Windsor! Congrats to Peyton G. in Kindergarten, Sofia W. in First grade, Sloan F. in Second grade, Alexander W. in Third grade, Nikki N. in Fourth grade and in Fifth grade, Hayden D. 

Peyton G.

Sofia W. 

Sloan F. 

Alexander W. 

Nikki N. 
Hayden D. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Be Proud

Image result for be proudBe proud- We hope that all of our students feel proud of how hard they work each day and the differences that they make in the lives of their peers, their teachers and their parents each day. Do you know what makes your children proud?  Is it how well  they do in a subject area? Is it how well they play basketball or soccer in gym. Is how they feel about an art project or sing a song? Do they know how to express that they are proud or do they wait for others to let them know how proud they are of the student? We want our students to be able to identify what it means to be proud and how to show it.  The dictionary definition of proud is to feel proud or satisfied with oneself.

When we asked students what it means to be proud they shared:
That you did a good deed and proud of it. 
Take pride in yourself. 
Be happy about something you have done. 

When we asked students how they can show us that they are proud they shared:
Show this by smiling.
Show this by being proud of who you are.
Show this by talking about but not bragging.

We hope you will use the Home Link we will send home on Monday to talk with your children about being proud.  When one feels proud because of working hard and feeling success, it carries over to other areas!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Be Considerate

Image result for be considerateNext week we will be discussing Be Considerate.  The definition of being considerate is to be careful to not hurt another. At school we will talk about how we are and can continue to Be Considerate.

We see it throughout the day as children hold doors for each other, use their polite manners, not interrupt their teachers and follow our Wildcat Way expectations.

When we interviewed our students they told us that they can tell when someone is considerate. They shared:

                                                       Help people, say nice things

                                                       Care for someone

                                                       Thinking about how you are acting towards another person, think of others

Your will receive our HOME LINK on Monday and we hope that you take some time to talk about Being Polite, Being Positive and Being Considerate!  

Thursday, January 18, 2018


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This week and next week we will be focusing our work with students using the concept to BE POSITIVE. The definition to be positive includes to have an affirmative quality or trait. At school we work on being positive- feeling good- about the work we do, the concepts we learn and the friendships that we cultivate. Sometimes, being positive is hard, but we still work with the students to find the positive in places where mistakes may have occurred or when poor choices were made. We believe that when we think and act positively, we make a positive impact on those around us!

When we asked students what it means to be positive they responded:

To say nice things about someone and not be negative.

To help people, be happy, and don't get mad.

To be honest and nice.

On Tuesday, we sent home a homework link for you all to use with your students to partner with us. When we work together on the same concepts at home and at school, it reinforces the concept. We hope that you will give it a try!
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Friday, January 12, 2018


We kicked off 2018 with aImage result for be polite new initiative for our Wildcats. For the next several weeks we will promote the new signs hanging above doorways inside Windsor focusing on our theme for the year BE..... We started with BE POLITE.  What does it mean to BE POLITE?  Our news crew defined polite using the dictionary as having or showing behavior that is considerate and respectful of others. In other words using manners and being kind.  Each day on announcements students shared sentences using the word polite-some came from students in the building.  Students were asked to try to find where they could find BE POLITE in the building.  We also asked you to partner with us at home by sharing ways your children could demonstrate how they can BE POLITE using the Home Link.

In asking students this week what it means to be polite, they responded:
 Be kind
 To be responsible
 To be kind, safe, and responsible
 You would be kind 
 It means to ask someone if they are ok if they fall and to say hello to people in the hallways.
 Being polite is being yourself and helping others.

It is has been a fun week complimenting students who were polite and used please, thank you and responding to questions with an answer and then a question to the adult (having conversations! ).  Next week, our focus is BE POSITIVE.  Watch for the Home Link to come home on Monday.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January Worthy Wildcats

Congrats to these 6 students who were selected by their peers to be the January Worthy Wildcats.
These students were observed being kind to others everyday and going out of their way to help others, doing their best everyday, pushing others during an entire recess on the swings, helping a younger student when others were not seeing an issue putting materials into the backpack, asking to help carry things and staying outside with a peer in the morning who got hurt on the way to school until help arrived. All of these behaviors demonstrate the Wildcat Way being Kind, Safe and Responsible.
Addison S. 

Chris G. 

Gaby A. 

Lilly P. 

Maeve J. 

Rueben P.